Session 2

The party made it to Phandalin whereupon they were paid for delivery of the oxen wagon. Then they spent the night at the Stonehill inn where they found out about the Redbrands and some other adventure hooks.

They overheard that Daran Edermath who runs the orchard to the North of town is a retired adventurer.

They overheard from a miner (Lanar) that orc raiders have been seen on the East end of the Triboar trail. Harbin Wester (Townmaster) is looking for someone to see them off. 

Elsa, the barmaid from the Stonehill Inn informed the party that Thel Dendrar stood up to the Redbrands a tenday ago, after they leered at his wife. The thugs jumped the poor man and dragged him off somewhere to the East. That night his wife, son, and daughter went missing also.

They spoke with Narth the old farmer and found out about sister Garaele. Gormund met with her at the shrine of luck on his own and struck a deal to bring a jewel encrusted comb to the banshee Agatha north of Conyberry. In return she would pay them 3 healing potions.

A mysterious red haired woman was seen watching the party but disappeared when Xavier investigated.

The group then decided to intercept a group of Redbrands and see if they could convince them to introduce them to their leader. However the Redbrands attacked and a fierce battle ensued on the streets of Phandalin. It was an intense fight but eventually our adventurers won out, with Gormund the Paladin going 'full Negan' on a ruffian attempting to escape.

Gundren's earlier contact with Garaele proved extremely useful as they ran for her for aid. She allowed them to stay with her as long as she could before the Redbrands came knocking house to house. She gave Gundren the potions to help their downed friend as a gesture of good faith that he would make good on his promise. 

The party fled the town and returned to the site of the goblin ambush where they picked up a trail to the North. Following it & dealing with several goblin tracks they arrived at Cragmaw Cave. 

They were attacked by some goblin sentries which they made light work of, before heading into the cave. Inside the cave they successfully tamed the wolves after feeding them before continuing deeper into the cave. Then the party was hit by a giant wave which came from upstream. Franklyn was knocked unconscious while Gormund plunged deeper into the cave.

There the group discovered Yeemik a goblin captain who was holding Sildar Hallwinter captive. The party refused Yeemik's plea to bargain instead making light work of the remaining goblins. (REF: Brain Paste).

Using Cure Wounds Xavier was able to bring Sildar back to consciousness and gave him both of his shortswords to defend himself withthat is where we left off. 



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