Session 3

The group found Sildar Hallwinter in Cragmaw Cave, then proceeded even deeper into the cave, whereupon they discovered John Creek, a red skinned, blue haired tiefling, and Klarg, leader of the Bugbears.

Eventually the party dispatching the bugbear after Xavier jumped using Togash to cushion his landing.

The party eventually returned to Phandalin, where they met Daran Edermath, 

They then informed Linene Graywind at the Lionshield Coster of her missing goods. Despite being grateful, she did not want to aid the party when they revealed their intent to attack the redbrands for fear of retribution. Xavier attempted to make a deal for a hand crossbow, leaving money in the hope she would do a dead drop of sorts.

The party noticed Togash was missing before going to the Smithy, and that is where we ended the session. 


keithquinlan keithquinlan

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