Session 5

Xavier Adopts Droop. Suspects he speaks Common but unable to prove it so far. Togash wants to kill him, but reluctantly acts as translator for Xavier. 

The gang return to Phandalin where Gomrund tricks Toblen into believing the Nothic was behind all of the attacks by manipulating people's thoughts.

After a long rest, the gang met with Harbin Wester and convinced him to raise a militia using funds and equipment discovered in Tresendar Manor. He agrees to pay the party 25 gold pieces to travel East on the Triboar trail. Discover the source of the orc raiders and wipe them out.

The gang retrieve the Dendrar family from the woods.

They then headed East on the Triboar trail. (Frankyln was golluming them). They fought off 6 Orcs. They then began tracking them South East.

That night they were attacked by Wolves.




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